TIDDOX® has a range of lint-free wipes and low-lint cloths. These speciality cloths are for tasks where it is important no lint remains after wiping. Ideal for wiping delicate or sensistive surfaces requiring a lint-free cloth.

TIDDOX specialises in the provision of lint-free wipes and lint-free cloths. What is a lint-free cloth? A lint-free cloth is material that does not leave short, fine cloth fibres on the surface after wiping. This is important when painting, cleaning print heads and other delicate wiping tasks. There are lots of other examples of critical cleaning tasks. A few are polishing sensitive equipment, drying surgical instruments or cleaning glass. Which are the best lint-free cloths? That will depend on the task. Outlined below are our various lint free cleaning cloths:-


LintNIL GLASS WIPES are soft polishing cloths used by glaziers and glass manufacturers. Made from a nonwoven material that will not scratch or damage sensitive surfaces. These high tech wipes leave a perfect streak free finish after wiping. These LINTNIL WIPES are low lint and solvent resistant. Perfect for cleaning windows, monitors and lenses with solvents. Also used to dry instruments and for certain cleanroom sensitive tasks. Ideal for critical environments and delicate surfaces. Manufactured with low ions and minimal loose fibre to avoid any lint residue. Double bagged to avoid contamination.


POLYSOFT LINT-FREE WIPES consist of high quality, continuous polyester fibres. Soft and non-abrasive. Double-knitted interlocked fabric that will not run. Laser sealed edges to prevent loose fibres. Low in particle generation. As part of the process, we wash the wipes in a clean filtered water system within a cleanroom environment. Then double packed in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom to prevent any contamination to the product. Sometimes referred to as CLEANROOM CLOTHS. These lint-free wipes wipe and clean delicate surfaces such as:
  • Cleaning ink build up on print heads and nozzles. Can use to clean inkjet heads, scanner drums and digital printing equipment. Use on large format printers, flat bed UV printers, digital and optical media printers. Also suitable to digital graphic art tasks
  • Computer discs and monitors, including touchscreens;
  • General wiping in ISO Class 5 & 6 cleanroom facilities;
  • Cleaning lenses, glass surfaces, stainless steel;
  • Controlled production processes in the food, pharmaceutical and electronics industries


OMNIWIPES are a general purpose, low lint cloth used in patient care and aged care. They are soft for personal care and cleaning for incontinence during personal care. Because they are so low linting, hospitals use them to dry the endoscopes. Dental practices use them for drying surgical instruments. They double up as swabs for wiping down surfaces between patients.
Dental practices also use the MICROMAX cloth. Used to dry instruments once they have been through the ultrasonic cycle. Once dried, the instruments are then bagged in steralising bags.
WHITE RHINO ROLLS are another cost effective, low lint, strong wiper. Also used for drying instruments and as cleaning swabs. Used in sterilisation rooms and surgeries in the dental, medical and vet industries. As these wipes are very big, many dentists cut them into quarters. They are resistant to solvents so used with sterilising solutions. The white wiper does not dissolve nor leave stains on surfaces after use. Wall dispensers available.
These M-3 lint-free cotton cloths are very soft, non-abrasive and absorbent. Add to this lint-free properties and you have a perfect cloth for delicate cleaning tasks. Many tasks need such a cloth. They are great for polishing acrylic surfaces without scratching them. In the electronics industry professionals use them for cleaning disks and magnetic tapes. Beauty salons use them to remove makeup and with nail polish. Cleanrooms and labs use them to dab spills. Aged care residences and hospitals use these soft cotton cloths as gauze bandages. Medical facilities use them to clean delicate equipment and devices. The applications are endless, but the above few examples highlight its typical uses.


For heavy duty industrial wiping, the “RHINO WIPES” are are a low lint, no nonsense solution. Great for surface preparation tasks, where you are sensitive to lint or “fluff”. This polypropylene based wiper is EXTRA THICK and LOW LINTING. The three products in this range are:-
  • The RHINO POP-UP BOX , a white coloured version, dispensed from a pop-out box), and
  • the WHITE RHINO ROLL, a 220-sheet white centerfeed lint free paper towel. Great for cleaning panels / glass before applying vinyl.
Another polypropylene wiper is the DEGREASING WIPER. Used in surface preparation or cleaning up of oil or greasy jobs. Works well with chemicals and solvents. Very absorbent and low linting. , used in low lint applications. These are available in a jumbo roll format (DEGREASING ROLL) and in packs (DEGREASING WIPES).


TIDDOX’s INDUSTRO WIPES are large surface (55cm x 40cm) lint-free cloths. Perfect for production drying and cleaning of equipment and production units. With a high concentration of cellulose woodpulp, these drying wipes are very absorbent. Used dry or with solvents and chemicals. Because they are low lint, they are great to polish windscreens and clean glass. Also used to prepare lint sensitive surfaces in the paint and print industries.
Also try the SOLVENT RESISTANT CLOTHS. Made from the same material as the INDUSTRO WIPES, but smaller. Looking for an industrial disposable absorbent paper towel?
Try our BLUE JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL. It consists of 1000 cost effective, 3-plys thick, glued paper tissue towels. Very low linting and used in workshops and by mechanics as a hand towel and equipment and tool cleaning rag. A smaller version of the JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL is the RAG ON A ROLL. Sometimes referred to as ROAR (“R.O.A.R”) PAPER TOWEL. This low lint paper towel consists of 4-plys paper tissue wrapped on scrim webbing. The nylon webbing and glue hold the paper wipe together to reduce residue linting. This is a very strong and durable industrial strength paper wiper roll.


LINT FREE MICROFIBRE GLASS CLOTHS polish and clean glass. They are very absorbent with a non-abrasive texture and will give you a smooth lint free finish. Suited as a car polishing cloth. TIDDOX also has a range of and LINT FREE LENS CLOTHS for more sensitive applications.
The above is a brief summary of TIDDOX’s lint-free cloths. Please get in touch to discuss further your interest in lint-free wipes.