The TIDDOX®  has a range of microfibre cloths. These include general purpose weft knitted cloths and low lint warp knitted cloths. We also have speciality microfibre cloths. These include the spectacle lens cloths and the MicroMAX lint-free cloths.

The MicroMAX is a smooth, absorbent cloth. Used to dry and polish sensitive instruments and surfaces. Dental practices use them to dry surgical instruments. Jewelry and coin businesses use them as a polishing cloth. Its soft, lint free texture will not damage or scratch surfaces. This makes it also suited to glass and window polishing.

The benefits of microfibre is that it attracts and removes all kinds of dirt, dust and bacteria. It is a cost effective wiping option as it washes and reuses several times. Used dry or wet with water or chemicals.
TIDDOX offers a variety of general and speciality microfibre cloths of varying colours. Each designed to meet an assortment of different wiping requirements. From the smooth polishing MICROMAX wipes to the regular general purpose microfibre products. The speciality products polishing glass and lenses. The general purpose products are often used in cleaning kitchen and bathrooms. Use with chemicals or water to wipe down surfaces, appliances and furniture. Rinse and reuse.
Microfibre is great in picking up dirt and dust particles. The weft or warp knitted weave of the microfibre cloths assists in trapping dirt. The fabric also has fantastic absorbency capabilities. Made from a mix of polyester and high levels of polyamide. The higher the polyamide, the higher the absorbency of the fabric.
Microfibre cloths are very low linting. They are well suited to polishing applications involving cleaning glass, windows and mirrors. They release very little, if any, unwanted residue lint, or “fluff” after use.
  • Premium quality low lint warp knitted products. These have a smooth texture. They are non-abrasive and will not scratch surfaces. They have a reputation for leaving streak-free finishes. Often used to clean and polish glass, mirrors and windows. Reusable wet or dry. Wash, rinse and reuse, with or without chemicals.
  • For more delicate tasks, we recommend the MICROMAX . Ideal for cleaning and polishing computer screens, television screens, and windscreens. Will not scratch or leave lint on glass, ipads and iphones. A smooth, fine textured product packaged in portable packs of 10 microfibre wipes. Stores around the workplace or in cars.
  • Another option for sensitive lens cleaning is the TIDDOX LINT FREE LENS CLOTHS . Available in a 15cm x 15cm hand size, as well as cut to larger 40cm x 40cm super sizes, or other customised sizes. These wipers clean spectacle lenses, polish diamonds and drinking glasses. Also used to clean airplanes and automobile windscreens, to name a few applications.
These all-purpose absorbing textiles are very soft. Made from a thick, non-scratch material allowing them to trap dust and dirt. Used for general purpose cleaning such as drying or soaking up spills. Always colour coded in hospitality and healthcare organisations, such as aged care and childcare. Green allocated to kitchen surfaces and food preparation, and Red used in bathrooms. Colour coding prevents germ spread and unhygienic misuse. You could see why a Red cloth in a kitchen area would raise alarm bells. This colour coding system prevents incompatible tasks for the same cloth.
Above is a brief overview of the varying products TIDDOX offers in this category. Feel free to call us on 1300 84 33 69 to discuss your specific wiping requirements. One of our staff will be happy to assist you with further product information.