Patient Wipes

TIDDOX® supplies hospitals and residential care homes with patient wipes, hospital cloths and aged care cleaning cloths that are soft, absorbent and gentle on the skin.

Hospitals, daycare facilities, and residential care homes turn to TIDDOX for patient wipes. Our hospital cloths are soft and absorbent, perfect for use on the skin. Many products work well for general cleaning in a healthcare or medical setting, but not all of them are suitable for use on humans.

Patient Wipes

Patient wipes, such as TIDDOX’s Healthcare OMNIWIPES, need to be sturdy but soft enough to use on a patient’s skin and are highly absorbent, made with a spunlace technique that increases their viscose rating.

When you are wiping down patients, you want something that won’t irritate sensitive skin, but you also want a fabric that is highly absorbent. It is no fun for the patient or for the caregiver when a cloth does not soak up fluids and semi-fluids easily. TIDDOX’s MAXI WIPES are super absorbent, soft sponge textured high-quality products that can absorb many multiple times their own weight in liquids. As such, these washable and reusable products mean the job can be done quickly, aiding in the comfort of all involved.

Another popular product used in hospitals and aged care facilities is TIDDOX’s LINT-FREE HEALTHCARE CLOTH, which is made from a very soft polyester material, designed for use on sensitive and delicate surfaces without leaving lint or fluff behind. Strong, double knitted polyester fibres, in a heavy weight format make this a very durable disposable cloth for patient cleaning, that works well with chemicals and solutions.

Hospital Cloths

Hospital cloths must face a wide variety of uses, from cleaning up spills on the floor to actual contact with the skin of patients. TIDDOX’s POLYSOFT products are extremely soft, non-abrasive and absorbent, making them ideal for hospital use. Furthermore, they are sealed at the edges to prevent loose fibres, making them also suited to healthcare cleaning tasks where you do not want any fibre remnants after wiping. These laser-cut edges prevent any loose fibres from contaminating work spaces. Anyone who has cleaned up after a patient knows how frustrating it is to use hospital cloths that leave behind saturated bits of itself on the patient’s skin and bed. The laser-cut edges seal the cloth so that it does not disintegrate as you use it.

The sealed edge of these healthcare wipers also reduces drips. Don’t you hate cleaning up a mess, only to have the cloth drip all the way to the disposal site? By sealing the edges, TIDDOX ensures that the cloth holds many times its own weight in fluids without leaking.

Often in hospitals, mobility is an issue for patients, and sponge baths a necessity. The MAXI WIPES solve a few of these problems, and been colour coded into green, blue, red and yellow, can be allocated accordingly to area and patients as absorbent, soft wash sponges.

Aged Care Cleaning Cloths

Residential care facilities offer a wide variety of services to their residents. Some of these services can become rather personal. Our aged care cleaning cloths are soft and absorbent, making your job easier.

The two leading products in this category are the white OMNIWIPES and the LINT-FREE HEALTHCARE POLYSOFT PRODUCTS. Both of these products can be used by care givers on elderly patient’s delicate skin. The soft texture of the fabric ensures that their skin is not irritated by friction, and as such these products can be used to wash them. TIDDOX’s nursing home products are designed for super-absorbency, low-lint, and soft texture.

Try our patient wipes, hospital cloths and aged care cleaning cloths which are very popular in aged care facilities, healthcare and medical settings, and in day cares.