Polishing Cloths

TIDDOX® produces quality polishing cloths for all purposes. For windows, lenses, cutlery, instruments, vehicles and metals. Non-abrasive, low linting polishing wipes and cloths. Absorbent and durable enough to withstand chemicals.


TIDDOX provides a full line of polishing cloths for every industry. If you don’t know which kind of cloth you need for your facility, ask us. We have lint-free wipes for glass, monitors, screens and windows. Tougher ones for machinery, vehicle surfaces and furniture.

With polishing cloths, you want a streak-free finish. One that doesn’t leave behind lint or debris. Never more important than when polishing glass. You don’t want streaks left on the windows and mirrors. This issue magnifies on smaller more delicate glass surfaces. Examples include lenses, microscopes, optical equipment, and gauges. The characteristic of a high-quality polishing cloth is no lint.


Lint is a term for the “fluff” or pieces of material that come loose from cloths. In some cases, a little lint is no problem. But on sensitive components, glass and print heads, no lint is essential.
Glass Professionals use LintNIL Wipes. Used by glaziers, window manufacturers and installers. Its soft, non-abrasive texture will not damage or scratch any surface. Great for use on sensitive glass and delicate components. Use to apply lubricants and adhesives without leaving lint.
For polishing cutlery and drying instruments try the MICROMAX. This smooth surface microfibre cloth cleans, drys and polishes. Very low linting. Reusable and disposable. Printers use them on machinery without leaving behind any residue.
In addition, printers use POLYSOFT WIPES. A lint free polishing cloth that leaves no lint. Great on print heads and electronic parts. Use to polish iPad and iPhone screens. Processed in a clean room. Sealed edges so that no stray fibres get loose.
Try our low-lint FOAM CLEANING SWABS for those tiny areas that collect lint and dust. These double-headed swabs can absorb or apply solvents and oils. Being lint-free, they won’t contaminate the minimal tolerances.


In some cases, you need large polishing cloths. Try TIDDOX’s LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. Absorbs well, and low linting. For use on machinery, auto bodies or stainless-steel tops. Or to dry component parts without lint debris remaining. Ideal for large areas that need polishing with broad strokes. A low-lint wipe suited to large surfaces, e.g. examining tables. Used for surface preparation jobs, vehicle spray painting and print surfaces.
In other cases you need a heavy duty product. The blue JUMBO RHINO ROLL falls into this category. Excellent low lint surface preparation wipes. Will wear out with repeated use, but designed and priced to be disposable. Thick, absorbent polypropylene cellulose mix.
For this product in a white colour check out the WHITE RHINO ROLL. Used by restaurants as a disposable drying towel for cutlery. Great for surface preparation. Sign writers use them for polishing panels and glass before applying vinyl. Dentists use them to polish and dry instruments.
SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES remain lint-free during use with strong chemicals. Soak up solvents from work surfaces or machine surfaces. Prevent lint contamination.
Our RAGS ON A ROLL, or ROAR, is a middle of the road polishing cloth. From there, you can go up or down in quality and price.


For spectacles or lenses, the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTH line is great. Thin enough to get into the corners of the lens housing. A thicker soft textured product is the PREMIUM MICROFIBRE CLOTHS. Good for polishing furniture and housekeeping, including windows. Used with cleaning agents.


In some organisations colour-coding is necessary. Consider the following heavy-weight, absorbent polishing cloths:-
So give us a call when selecting high quality polishing cloths.