Polishing Cloths

TIDDOX® produces quality polishing cloths that are non-abrasive, low linting, absorbent and durable enough to withstand chemicals without falling apart. Let us know the surface to be polished and we’ll suggest the best solution, no matter whether its screens, glass, windows, furniture, vehicles or industrial metals requiring lint-free wipers. The answer lies with one of the products below:-


TIDDOX provides a full line of polishing cloths for every industry. If you don’t know which kind of cloth you need for your facility, ask us. We can recommend the best lint-free wipers for glass, monitor screens, windows, industrial machinery, vehicle surfaces, and furniture.

When you or your employees use polishing cloths, you want a streak-free finish that doesn’t leave behind lint or other debris. With motor vehicles and windows, a streaked surface is unattractive and can cause more time lost in polishing out streaks. When cleaning lenses, monitors, and mirrors, streaks can make it hard to read gauges. Streaks are actually minute particles left behind. These particles may be dirt and debris from previous use of the cloth, or they may be actual pieces of the cloth itself, such as lint that is not present with a high-quality polishing cloth.

Texture of Polishing Cloths

In some cases, you need large polishing cloths for use on large surfaces, such as auto bodies or stainless-steel counter tops. TIDDOX’s LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES are ideal for these applications measuring 55cm x 40cm per sheet, 300 of which are in each carton.

For smaller areas, such as lenses in machinery, the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTH line is great. These are thin enough to be flexible in small spaces so that you can get into the corners of the lens housing. The microfibre texture is tighter so that it produces a smooth, un-distorted view through the lens. Another type of microfibre cloth to consider are the PREMIUM MICROFIBRE CLOTHS which have a soft texture and the microfibre material picks up dirt easily. The final, most economical choice, is the MICROMAX, a smooth surface microfibre cloth used in cleaning and polishing.

Why Lint Free Wipers?

In some cases, a little lint is no problem. Lint is caused by two sources. It can be actual pieces of material that come loose from the polishing cloths as you use them, or it is a combination of the fabric of the cleaning cloth and minute particles of debris from cleaning. They “pill” together and are connected to the cloth via tiny fibres from the cloth. Some of our products, such as the RHINO WIPES POP-UP BOX and the WHITE RHINO ROLL are low-lint polishing cloths. This means that there is a minimal amount of lint off of these cleaning towels when they come off of the roll, so you don’t have to worry about contamination of your workspace. As these and other disposable lint free wipers are used, they begin to wear and will start producing debris that could interfere with polishing. Our box of OMNIWIPES, TIDDOX’s RAGS ON A ROLL, and the JUMBO RHINO ROLL also fall into this category. These are excellent lint free wipers, but will wear out with repeated use. They are designed and priced to be disposable.

SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are designed to remain lint-free during use with strong chemicals. In many applications, the user will need to soak up solvents from work surfaces or machine surfaces in order to maintain precise function. But if lint contaminates the workspace, even more problems will occur. That’s why solvent-resistant lint free wipers can be so important. TIDDOX’s INDUSTRO WIPES provide the same service with a larger surface area. POLYSOFT WIPES are smaller, designed for small surfaces such as iPad and iPhone screens, the skin of medical patients, or delicate surfaces like print heads and electronic parts. They are processed in a clean room and sterilised, with sealed edges so that no stray fibres get loose.

The LINT-FREE MICROMAX are slightly larger lint-free wipers that have high concentrations of polyamide, which makes them a highly absorbent cloth as well as an excellent choice for polishing surfaces in a heavy-use environment. They are reusable and disposable, and the size makes them a great choice for metal surfaces, glass, and more. They are available in packs of 10 pieces, so you can leave one in each cubicle or bay for your employees to use as needed.

Colour Coding Polishing Cloths

In some labs, shops, and manufacturing facilities, colour-coding is necessary for budgeting, reordering, and disposal purposes. For those applications, TIDDOX provides some of our best products in assorted colours. Our PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLL is available in 4 colours of heavy-weight, highly viscose materials. They are designed to absorb thick gels as well as runny fluids. These lint free wipers are designed and priced for quick disposal or for reuse. MAXI WIPES also are highly absorbent and are colour-coded wipers. Red, blue, green, and yellow can be coded out to different departments. They are portable packs of 10 cleaning cloths. MICROFIBRE CLOTHS are also available in the 4 primary colours for the same reasons.

Size Matters

When you are shining surfaces, no surface is too small for TIDDOX. We provide low-lint FOAM CLEANING SWABS for those tiny areas that must not be spoiled by lint or dust. These swabs are double-headed and can absorb or apply solvents and oils. Being lint-free, they won’t contaminate the minimal tolerances.

On the other end of the spectrum are our LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES that are big enough for industrial jobs. Large areas need polishing with broad strokes, and this low-lint wiper is ideal for large surfaces such as the walls and counters in clean-rooms, examining tables, walls being prepped for fine finishes, fenders and hoods on vehicles, or print surfaces in print shops.

Quality and Affordability

When selecting lint free wipers, you want high quality, since the objective is to find polishing cloths that will clean and shine without coming apart. But, you also want affordability. TIDDOX listens to its customers and provides the best product on the market for the price you can afford. Our RAGS-ON-A-ROLL, or ROAR, is well known in multiple industries as a low-lint, absorbent polishing cloth. From there, you can go up or down in quality and price as you supply your business with polishing cloths for each level of work.