Rag On A Roll

Looking for a tough, absorbent cost effective paper towel? You won’t find a better quality product than TIDDOX‘s Rag On A Roll (R.O.A.R”). This 4 layered absorbent tissue has scrim reinforced netting for added strength. A very tough, disposable wipe suited to general purpose challenging wiping tasks. The nylon webbing holds the tissue together, even when wet. Used for cleaning hands, tools, equipment and surfaces. Because of its multiple layers, ideal for absorbing solvents such as ink, paint and oil. A well known product in the hospitality and healthcare industries. Popular in the transport sector, workshops and with commercial cleaners.

It’s construction makes it difficult to tear. To avoid unnecessary wastage, each 70 m roll comes perforated with 200 sheets.

RAG ON A ROLL often gets abbreviated to “ROAR”. RAG ON A ROLL (“R.O.A.R.”) refers to a roll of scrim reinforced paper towels. The towels get their rag-like strength from 4 layers of tissue on nylon webbing. Each of these plies of thick, soft tissue increase the wipe’s ability. This makes them superior to paper towels with less layers. In addition, the scrim nylon webbing gives it a unique strength. Because of this tear strength, TIDDOX perforates its rolls to reduce wastage. Each 70 m roll contains 200 perforated sheets (35 cm x 24.5 cm).

The strength, absorbency and durability makes R.O.A.R. a good alternative to rags. The four plies of scrim make these wipes suited to heavy-duty wiping tasks. They also offer significant savings when compared to rags. In fact, they offer savings against most industrial wipes. This wipe provides an optimal mix of low cost, absorbency and strength.
They have a multipurpose functionality. Their strength and absorbency make them suitable for most general purpose tasks. In hospitality, they soak up surface spills and clean tables and counters. Workshops use them to clean hands, tools and equipment. Healthcare workers love these low cost, single use disposable towels. Transport businesses rely on them for wiping down seats, counters and surfaces. Used by window cleaners to wipe down glass without leaving streaking marks.

Ideal for industrial cleaning of tools and machinery. Also, great for cleaning up grease and oil. The nylon fabric gives it the strength to handle heavy-duty scrubbing tasks. Popular in the manufacturing, automotive and mining industries.

These general purpose paper wipes are available in both blue and white.