TIDDOX®  “Rag On A Roll” is made of 4-ply tissue with scrim reinforced netting and is available in either a blue colour or as a white wiper. This is a very tough and durable wipe ideal for wiping tasks where superior strength is required. Its nylon webbing ensures that it will not easily fall apart, even when wet, and the 4-ply tissue makes it a very absorbent wiping sheet. As it is so tough, we have perforated the sheets on each 70m roll, into 200 easy-to-tear perforated cleaning sheets. Packaged in cartons of 4 rolls, the “Rag On A Roll” is popular with commercial contract cleaners (glass/windows), as well as in the hospitality and healthcare industries. As it is also very low linting wiping option, this product is ideal for wiping down equipment or absorbing solvents such as ink, paint and oil.

TIDDOX® Scrim Reinforced Paper Wipers are made of 4-plys of thick, soft tissue ensuring that this wiper has superior absorption capacity, whilst the scrim nylon webbing reinforces the tissue giving it its strength and durability. As a result, the wiper has great tear strength. Because of this tear strength, TIDDOX has introduced perforations on it rolls so that there is not unnecessary wastage, and each 70m roll contains 200 perforated sheets (35cm x 24.5cm).

Because of the strength, absorbency and durability of these four-ply scrim wipers, they are often used as replacements for rags in heavy duty wiping tasks, hence they are commonly referred to as “RAG-ON-A-ROLL” , or abbreviated further to “ROAR”. They are of course much more economical than rags, and in fact much more economical than most industrial wipers. As an all-purpose disposable wiper, they provide the optimal mix of low cost in use, absorbency and extra toughness.

The main features of the TIDDOX 4-ply scrim paper wipes are their strength, durability and that they are an economical wiper that will soak up spills and clean up liquids rapidly. They can be used to wipe dry spills and the extraordinary strength provided by the nylon scrim webbing ensures that the wiper will not fall apart when wet, making them ideal for water based cleaning tasks . Furthermore, the tissue material is low linting and virtually lint free, making it suitable for delicate cleaning of glass, windows and other smooth surfaces, without leaving streaking marks.

Because of these features in its design, the TIDDOX Rag-On-A-Roll is also ideal for industrial cleaning applications, such as wiping down machinery, cleaning up light grease and oil, and tool cleaning. The nylon fabric also gives it the strength to handle heavy duty scrubbing tasks. Popular in manufacturing, maintenance and repair industries as well as within mining and automotive industries.

These general purpose paper wipes are available in both blue and white.