Rag Replacement Wipes

Looking for an alternative to rags for better consistency and performance? TIDDOX® has a number of industrial grade heavy duty wipes that are designed for this purpose.

Whether it’s hygiene reasons, poor performance, increased price or lack of availability, industrial wipes offer many benefits over rags.


  • More hygienic and cleaner
  • Consistent performance
  • Standard sizes, less wastage
  • Low cost per use, disposable
  • Compact packaging lowers freight and storage costs
  • More suitable for lint free cleaning
  • Lower cost per use
  • High absorbency


  • Unwashed and unhygienic
  • Inconsistent performance between rags
  • Inconsistent cut sizes; not all usable
  • Higher cost relative re overall effectiveness
  • Higher cost to transporting and storing bulky bags of rags
  • Not designed for lint-sensitive cleaning
  • Lower effectiveness increases cost per use
  • Inconsistent absorbency between rags

Our rag replacement wipes offer superior performance to rags. Whether its grease or chemical absorption, surface preparation or delicate lint-free wiping tasks, we have a professional wipe solution. From jumbo rolls of workshop towels, to dispenser boxes, industrial wipes on a roll, Rag-On-A-Roll and oil absorbent pads , to name a few.

So if you’re looking for a rag alternative, we can help with our range of rag replacement wipes illustrated below.



TIDDOX has been making industrial grade wipes for years and our RAG REPLACEMENT WIPES are used Australia wide by many small and large businesses. For instance, our wipes are used as rag alternatives in the engineering, mining, automotive and marine industries. Also, many manufacturing, printing and painting businesses have worked with us to switch from rags to wipes.

For businesses unhappy with using rags, TIDDOX offers rag alternative wipes. The attraction of switching to TIDDOX wipes means you get consistency of performance, cut, size, absorbency and price. Furthermore our RAG REPLACEMENT WIPES offer hygiene benefits, are less bulky and specifically made for wiping. In fact, we’ve made wipes for just about every type of wiping task. For example, we’ve got general purpose workshop towels for cleaning hands, tools and equipment. But also, we’ve got industrial lint-free wipes for jobs that are lint-sensitive. In addition, we’ve got oil and grease absorbing pads and wipes to replace rags. And, there’s the RAG ON A ROLL which is nearly as popular as the WHITE RHINO ROLL. In fact, all sort of heavy duty INDUSTRIAL WIPES that are great rag alternatives. So, no matter the job, we have the rag replacement wipes to substitute your bag of rags.


Because challenging wiping and cleaning needs strong and durable wipes, we’ve got the range of RHINO WIPES. Not only are these made to be tough as, they equally as absorbent. And, they’re solvent resistant too, so you can use them with any chemicals. And, they are available in 3 different formats. For example, you can choose the centrefeed rolls, or the jumbo rolls, or the dispenser box. More on each of the rag replacement wipes options below:-

Because rags leave lint, for surface preparation many businesses prefer to use WHITE RHINO ROLLS. Not only are they ultra low linting and solvent resistant, but they’re incredibly strong and absorbent too. For instance, sign writing businesses use them for surface prep before applying vinyl.  Furthermore, engineering and manufacturing businesses use them to clean out vats or clean surfaces that are lint-sensitive. Also, they fit into our wall dispensers, which keep them out of the way.



Generally, if you need challenging heavy-duty scrubbing, best to use a heavy-duty durable rag or wipe. And, there’s none more durable than the polypropylene cellulose wipes we call the JUMBO RHINO ROLL. Equally strong and tear resistant as it is absorbent. Also, to have this combination and be lint-free is a huge bonus for many businesses frustrated with the lint left by rags. Hence, it’s a popular substitute for rags. In fact, its a far superior product to rags, and accordingly costs more, so certainly not an economical alternative. But, when it comes to heavy-duty lint-sensitive wiping tasks in manufacturing, automotive and engineering, quality usually trumps cost. Also, did we mention these wipes are great for absorbing solvents, chemicals, grease or oil? And, because they don’t tear easily, the wipes on the roll are perforated.

So, if rags are giving you an inferior result, upgrade to these wipes. Ideal for surface prep, abrasive wiping, cleaning tools and equipment.

Wall and floor dispensers available


Perhaps most convenient of the RHINO WIPES range is the RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOX. Each cardboard box contains 130 white wipes, that are a great ALTERNATIVE TO WHITE RAGS. In fact, they’re ideal for placing on workshop benches or in trucks. Hence their popularity in automotive and transport businesses. Also made from a cellulose polypropylene mix, they have ultra low lint properties and super absorbency. Generally used as a multi-purpose workshop wipes instead of white rags.



Because there are so many rag substitutes, we will just discuss our favourite four here. We call them the FAB FOUR!

Firstly, we have the polyester cellulose INDUSTRO WIPES. If you’re looking to wipe down and clean large surface areas of metal or glass, these low lint large wipes will give you a streak-free finish. And, they work great with cleaning chemicals.

Secondly, for the same absorbent material, but in a roll format, we have the WHITE AMBIWIPES ROLLS.

Thirdly, not everyone want these wipes in white, so we also have them in handy blue rolls. Check out our BLUEMAX ROLLS. In fact, they’re ideal for workshop benches, or to keep handy in trucks. And, these small handy rolls of wipes give pocket dynamite performance! Not only will they absorb solvents and chemicals like rags, but also they soak up oil, ink and grease too. A versatile, ultra low lint wipe, with impressive tear resistance.
Finally, not far from last, we have the rag replacement wipes called NU-CLOTHS. Soft as T-Shirt rags and equally absorbent. In fact they are probably more absorbent as they are made from 100% recycled double reinforced crepe.



When it comes to critical wiping tasks, we recommend not using rags. Instead we would suggest using the POLYSOFT LINT-FREE WIPES. Why? Because they’re soft, won’t scratch surfaces, and they won’t leave behind any lint residues. Hence, they’re favoured over rags when cleaning engines, cleaning print heads or cleaning glass.
Similarly, the LINTNIL WIPES, also don’t lint and are much better than rags when it comes to polishing and cleaning glass. 
Because you need a lint-free wipe when cleaning engines and bearings, rags are not ideal because of their loose threads. Instead, many mechanics will opt for our lint-free POLYSOFT WIPES. In fact, these engine cleaning cloths are only bettered by our LINT-FREE EQUIPMENT CLEANING WIPES. There is no comparison or rag substitute for such lint-sensitive cleaning tasks.
Also, when it comes to polishing, we have wipes that make great rag alternatives. In particular, check out the LINT-FREE POLISHING WIPES or the MICROMAX WIPES



What do bags of rags and jumbo rolls of wipes have in common? They both offer bulk cost savings and are an economical wiping product. The main differences are wipes are less bulky, more hygienic and each sheet offers the same consistent absorbency and performance.
Importantly, we’ve got 4 jumbo rolls to choose from!
Firstly, we have the 3-ply industrial JUMBO PAPER ROLL. With 1000 sheets per roll this represents a great rag replacement option for workshops. And it offers a multipurpose solution to daily workshop needs. For instance, cleaning tools and hands, or soaking up oils or cleaning equipment. Hence, found in many automotive and manufacturing workshops. Floor stands available. Suits high usage workshops looking to reduce costs and waste. And, a lot less bulky than 1000 rags!
Secondly, there’s the CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. A green jumbo roll offering additional strength in each of its 600 wipes.
Thirdly, the JUMBO RHINO ROLL offer yet more strength for the most challenging wiping tasks. And its the lowest linting of all the jumbo rolls. In fact, we’d call these wipes “lint-free”. 
Finally, there’s the HANDIWIPES JUMBO ROLL which offers an economical 600 wipes on a roll. Ideal for general purpose low lint wiping, where a strong and absorbent wipe is required. 


With 200 wipes on a roll, you can see why RAG ON A ROLL or “ROAR is a no brainer! Especially when you compare it to a 10kg bag of rags, which holds typically around 50 rags. And, what we like about this rag alternative is the low cost per wipe. Furthermore, it is quite strong and durable owing to its scrim reinforced nylon webbing wrapped beneath the 4-plys of tissue. Ideal for general purpose wiping, spill absorption and surface cleaning.


When it comes to floor spills, and oil spills, rags only soak up so much. Whereas the super absorbent, thick, SUPERMAX is something else indeed! These large orange sponge pads soak up many times their own weight in liquids and fluids. And these floor spill pads also soak up oils, fuels and diesel. As a result, transport businesses and workshops love them. Ideal also as oil drop sheets under vehicles, trucks and busses. 


Another advantage of wipes is that they’re not as bulky as bags of rags. For example, a carton of INDUSTRO WIPES contains 300 wipes, as does a pack of AMBIWIPES. And, they are a lot cleaner and more hygienic. Moreover, you get the same performance from each wipe, whereas rags are a bit hit and miss. And, sometimes if you’re sourcing from small suppliers, their rags may be unsafe and contain pins, zips or other metal objects (BTW all of our rags are metal detected to reduce the risk of metal objects going undetected). 
However, no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Because if you’re not ready to go cold turkey, we can still offer you a wide variety of RAGS . And this includes COLOUR T-SHIRT RAGS, WHITE SINGLET RAGS, COLOURED COTTON RAGS, WHITE COTTON RAGS, COLOURED TOWEL RAGS, WHITE TOWEL RAGS, FLEECY and FLANNEL RAGS.

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