Recycled Rags

Recycled Rags

TIDDOX® supplies high quality, fully laundered and metal detected, recycled rags to factories, automotive workshops, printers and painters, as well as into the mining and marine industries. The mixed coloured rags are used as general workshop cleaning cloths, ideal for any task requiring a low lint, absorbent, general purpose wiper, whereas the white t-shirt rags are used by painters and printers as they show up inks and paints. In addition, TIDDOX also offers various alternatives to recycled t-shirt rags, in the form of its manufactured range of industrial wipers, comprising cellulose and viscose based absorbent wiping rolls and packs.


TIDDOX's recycled rags comprise the premium more expensive white t-shirt rags used by printers and painters, and the more economical mixed coloured rags which are commonly used as industrial and automotive cleaning cloths. Using recycled materials is good for the environment, and by using reclaimed t-shirts that would otherwise have been sent to landfill dumps, we are able to offer a cost effective wiping solution. Furthermore, used recycled cottons are incredibly absorbent, much more so than new, unwashed cotton fabrics. TIDDOX's textile products are all clean and safe to use, having been washed and carefully metal detected for foreign metal objects prior to packing. These products are available in 1.5kg, 5kg and 10kg bags.


The MIXED COLOURED CLOTHS are commonly used as general purpose workshop cleaning cloths, polishing materials or to wash and dry cars. TIDDOX supplies its products nationwide into mining camps, manufacturing facilities and automotive workshops from Perth to Sydney, and around Melbourne and Queensland. There is no risk of injury or possibility of scratching or damaging surfaces using TIDDOX's reclaimed materials as all cottons and fabrics are carefully inspected and quality controlled to ensure that any zips, buttons or other harmful objects have been removed to avoid damage.

Besides been a very absorbent material WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT CLOTHS also show up colours, stains, inks and paints, so are favoured by painters and printers. Also they are less likely to have colours run out of them. Whilst there cannot be a "lint free rag", these heavy duty textile cloths can be described as low linting which is an important feature when painting, printing, preparing a surface, polishing glass or metal. However for a true lint-free cloth, you will need to look to TIDDOX's manufactured synthetic wipers, such as the printer's LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES . A few of these engineered alternative wipes and cloths are discussed briefly below.

Where a painting, printing, surface preparation or automotive cleaning task requires no remnants of "fluff" or "lint" which can occur with a textile cloth, TIDDOX offers its specifically engineered and manufactured wipers, such as INDUSTRO WIPES or the smaller sized, but same material, SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES . Also very popular for tasks where you want to avoid lint are the TIDDOX RHINO WIPES, manufactured from a polypropylene substance, namely the WHITE RHINO ROLLS (220 sheets of hand sized lint free wipes per roll), or the more Heavy Duty BLUE JUMBO RHINO ROLL (475 large blue low linting wipers per roll) and the equally heavy duty INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES (160 large white low linting wipers per roll). Another low cost white t-shirt rag alternative that is extremely absorbent is the OMNIWIPES , which come in cartons of either 300 wipers or 600 wipers (packs of 50 cloths), or its INDUSTRIAL PAPER ROLLS .

These alternatives to recycled rags have the advantage of been less bulky, which reduces the cost of storage and freight, and are more consistent and standard in their cut, size and absorbency. The manufactured wipers are growing in popularity, in particular where there is a task specific or lint-free application.