Recycled Rags

TIDDOX supplies high quality, metal detected, recycled rags. Used by factories, workshops, printers and painters. Mixed coloured rags make a great general workshop cleaning cloth. They are a low lint, absorbent, general purpose wipe. Painters and printers prefer white t-shirt rags as they show up inks and paints. We have low lint cotton rags, fleecy and tshirt rags in 20 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg and 1.5 kg bags.

TIDDOX also offers white rag replacement wipes as alternatives for special wiping tasks.


What are rags recycled from?

Recycled rags are cut from discarded clothing such as t-shirts, business shirts, dresses, bath towels, flannel shirts etc.

Are recycled rags safe to use?

Yes, provided they have been metal detected to ensure harmful metal objects have been removed, such as zips, buttons and pins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are recycled rags absorbent?

Recycled rags are absorbent, especially tshirt rags and towel rags, which are more absorbent than cotton rags

Are recycled tshirt rags more absorbent than new tshirts?

Yes, recycled tshirts are softer and more absorbent than new fabrics

Using recycled rags is good for the environment. These are reclaimed t-shirts that would otherwise end up in a dump. TIDDOX’s recycled rags are clean and safe to use. They are metal detected for foreign metal objects before packing. Available in 1.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg bags.


TIDDOX supplies recycled rags nationwide. They are safe to use and will not scratch surfaces. A metal detection process inspects all recycled rags for harmful objects. This quality control removes zips and metal buttons to avoid damage. Because of this quality control automotive dealerships are comfortable using TIDDOX rags. Also, used recycled tshirts have an impressive absorption capability.
We cut general purpose workshop recycled rags from MIXED COLOURED CLOTHS. It is good for the environment as before these tshirts would end up in landfill. The soft fabric is perfect for cleaning cloths, polishing materials or to wash and dry cars. Used as a cost effective rag to prepare or polish a surface. Popular as industrial and automotive cleaning cloths.
WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT CLOTHS show up colours, stains, inks and paints. They are low linting and colours do not run out of them. As such, Painters and Printers use them. These rags a the premium and more expensive than coloured t-shirt rags


Rags are not lint free, so not suitable for delicate cleaning jobs. For sensitive tasks where there must be no lint residue, use one of TIDDOX’s synthetic wipes.
Cleaning print heads is an example. For this, printers use a rag replacement cloth call LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES.
You must use special cloths for some low lint tasks. Such as surface preparation and drying of an area to ensure no remnants of “fluff” or “lint” occur. Try the following products suit lint-free applications:-
Another low cost white t-shirt rag alternative is the OMNIWIPES. Packed in cartons of 600 wipes (packs of 50 cloths).
Another cost effective rag replacement towel is the INDUSTRIAL PAPER ROLLS .
These alternatives to recycled rags have certain advantages. They are less bulky, which reduces the cost of storage and freight. They are more consistent and standard in their cut, size and absorbency.