Solvent Wipes

The TIDDOX® range of solvent wipes comprises various strong and durable solvent resistant cloths and rags that can be used to absorb chemicals, degreasers, inks, paints, oil etc. without falling apart.

TIDDOX solvent wipes are wiping materials that work well with solvents and chemicals, such as paint, oil, alcohol, ink, cleaners and degreasers. Not any old cloth will work effectively in wiping down paint, or cleaning ink off printer heads, or polishing glass with chemical window cleaners, or absorbing oils and degreasers in a workshop environment. Some fall apart due to the strong chemical agents and others are not made to absorb such substances. In response to these specific types of wiping tasks, TIDDOX has a specially designed and manufactured a product category of solvent resistant cloths, which is outlined below.

Traditionally, rags were used for such challenges, and still are in many panel beaters, workshops, print rooms and with painters. Rags, such as used recycled tshirts, are very absorbent, and are quickly able to absorb spills of oils, fuels, paint, inks, and other types of solvents. In particular, WHITE T-SHIRTS show up dark solvents easily, and don’t leave marks that may run from COLOURED TSHIRTS. As such these and WHITE COTTON RAGS are popular with printers and painters as they absorb solvents and have no dye in them that may run. A large part of the TIDDOX business is distributing recycled white and coloured tshirts in either 10kg bags, 5kg bags or 1.5kg bags, to painters, printers and automotive workshops. In addition to T-shirt material (which is a blend of cotton and polyester) the white cotton rags (white business shirts, cotton pants and jackets) are especially popular with painters who favour the smooth colourless (white) fabric which absorbs well.

However, alongside this traditional demand for rags, exists a growing demand for specifically designed wipers that are task specific in solvent absorption. With technology developments, solvent resistant wipers can be engineered to be extra thick, low linting, highly absorbent, and contain varying component mixes and even have specific textures. These manufactured products are also more consistent in nature, feel and performance than old T-shirt rags.

TIDDOX has a range of such solvent wipes, in different formats and sizes, which are specifically manufactured and engineered to stay strong and durable, and absorb solvents during use. Available in packs, or as portable pull out cartons, or as perforated tear off sheets on a roll. When asked which is its best product in this category, TIDDOX has 5 favourites, all of which are lint free or low linting, namely:-

The SOLVENT RESISTANT CLOTHS are hand sized white wipers, that have dual textured sides, smooth on one side, and slightly abrasive on the other side. The smooth side is for non-abrasive wiping, whereas the rougher textured side is ideal for surface preparation tasks, or dislodging stubborn grease and grime. This is a strong, tough product that is durable and solvent resistant. They are manufactured from cellulose, so highly absorbent, with a polyester component added for extra strength. Available in packs of 50 sheets (38cm x 34cm).

Made from the same fast absorbing wood pulp material described above, but with a larger surface area (40cm x 55cm), and with a smooth lint free texture on both sides, are the TIDDOX INDUSTRO WIPES. This solvent wipe works especially well with cleaning liquids to clean and polish windows, glass, mirrors, windscreens, as well as to clean and polish stainless steel or automotive surfaces like chrome and metals. These solvent resistant cloths leaves a streak-free finish without any remaining lint or fluff. Being very low linting, solvent resistant, of a decent large size, smooth and non-abrasive, it is not surprising that this product is most popular with glass cleaning businesses, automotive companies that valet and clean cars, print and paint organisations that use them to absorb inks, paints and other solvents, and beauty salons and tattoo parlours, where they are used as beauty school cleaning wipes and tattoo wiping cloths respectively.

The JUMBO RHINO ROLL is a tough, strong and durable industrial wiper that works with most solvents and its thickness lends itself to more heavy duty wiping tasks. Presented in a blue colour and a jumbo roll format comprising 475 sheets per roll. This same wiping material is also presented in a white colour in a box dispenser format, containing 160 wipes per box – INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES.

The WHITE RHINO ROLLS are white perforated wipers on a roll that are manufactured from a mix of woodpulp and polypropylene. Their white colour shows up dark colours, and the low lint feature makes them popular with any work involving inks, such as printing wipes, sign writing wipes, grease and oil wipes.

Another heavy duty solvent wipe is the pull out carton of white INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES. These are very thick, tough and strong due to their underlying polypropylene material component, amking them ideal for industrial applications and surface preparation. Ideal for wiping tasks that involve grease, oil and other chemicals.

TIDDOX also supplies an industrial wet wipe for use in removing grease and oils from hands and tools, including graffiti removal applications. These tubs of ORANGE PEELS, have a citric smell and are very effective, with added abrasive texture on one side. Each portable canister holds 70 wet solvent wipes, and refills are available.

For large spills of oil, fuels and other solvents, where a rapid adsorbent solution is required, TIDDOX has 3 products it recommends, specifically :-

• orange SUPERMAX CLOTHS, the most economical option,

The orange SUPERMAX CLOTHS can absorb fluids many times their own weight. These pads come in cartons of 200 solvent resistant cloths, and are the most economical disposable option for high usage areas such as automotive workshops. Similar pads are the OIL ABSORBENT PADS which only absorb oil and fuel but RESIST water, whereas the grey GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS absorb both fuel and water based fluids.

The above illustrates the various products available in TIDDOX’s solvent resistant cloth category, ranging from rags to an assortment of solvent wipes. For further information, please contact one of our team who will be able to assist further with product knowledge in the category.