Solvent Wipes

Solvent wipes are solvent resistant. This means that they will not dissolve or fall apart with solvent use. TIDDOX’s solvent wipes and rags will absorb solvents, chemicals, inks, paints and oil. They are strong and durable solvent resistant cloths and rags.

Many flimsy wipes dissolve when put in contact with strong chemical agents. Others are not made to absorb such substances. TIDDOX solvent wipes will not disintegrate when used with solvents. They work well with chemical cleaners, paints, oil, alcohol, inks and degreasers.
Professionals rely on TIDDOX’s solvent resistant products. Painters use the INDUSTRO WIPES to wipe down paint. Printers use the POLYSOFT WIPES to clean ink off printer heads. Glaziers and commercial window cleaners rely on the LINTNIL wipes. Mechanical workshops and production facilities use the JUMBO RHINO ROLLS. The WHITE RHINO ROLLS outperform in the application and removal of lubricants. And the WHITE T-SHIRTS rags are great to show up paints and dark solvents.
The products below work well with cleaning agents and absorb solvents.
Panel beaters and auto workshops use COLOURED TSHIRTS. Used recycled tshirts absorb oils, fuels, paint, inks, and other types of solvents. Print rooms and painters prefer WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS. WHITE T-SHIRTS show up dark solvents and there is no dye run. T-shirt material is more absorbent than recycled cotton rags. Cotton rags are lower linting material cut from business shirts and cotton clothes. Painters prefer the smooth colourless (white) cotton rags as low lint and absorbs well.
Besides recycled rags, TIDDOX also has task specific solvent absorption wipes. We design solvent resistant wipes to be more consistent in performance than rags. Outlined below we have provided an overview of these products:-
The SOLVENT WIPES are hand sized white wipe. This is a strong, tough product that is durable and solvent resistant. They have dual textured sides, smooth on one side, and abrasive on the other. The smooth side is for non-abrasive wiping. The rougher textured side is for surface preparation tasks. Used for dislodging stubborn grease and grime. Absorbent cellulose and polyester for extra strength. Available in packs of 50 sheets (38 cm x 34 cm).
These are large (40 cm x 55 cm), low lint drying cloths. Solvent resistant, absorbent and durable. Smooth and non-abrasive. Used to dry production units without leaving lint residue. Painters use them for surface preparation. They clean and wipe off a surface of preparation solvent residue to get it ready for paint. After wiping the surface it is lint free clean and ready for paint. Once completed, use the wipes as a general workshop rag. 
The absorbing cellulose content absorbs solvents and dries surfaces. The smooth lint free texture on both sides will not damage or scratch surfaces. This solvent wipe works well with cleaning liquids, lubricants and solvents. Ideal for cleaning and polishing windows, glass and mirrors. Good for cleaning and polishing stainless steel, chrome and metals. Achieve a streak-free finish without any remaining lint or fluff. Printers and painters use them to absorb inks, paints and other solvents. Popular applications include use as beauty school cleaning wipes and tattoo wiping cloths.
Glass cleaning is best done with LINTNIL wipes . A professional glass cleaning cloth. Used by glass cleaning businesses, automotive companies and glaziers. These soft cloth will not scratch or damage glass. monitors or lenses. Use these solvent wipes to apply solvents and lubricants. Or to remove adhesives and alcohol from a surface.
Try the solvent wipes known as JUMBO RHINO ROLLS. Tough, strong and durable. Works with solvents. Ideal for industrial applications and surface preparation. Used in wiping grease, oil and other chemicals. Try the blue jumbo roll comprising 475 sheets per roll. Available in a box dispenser format, known as the INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES.
The WHITE RHINO ROLLS are solvent wipes used for surface preparation involving solvents. They don’t leave lint behind after wiping. They are also great absorbing solvents. Tough wipes that will not dissolve on contact with solvents. The white colour shows up dark colours. High cellulose content means they absorb well. They are great printing wipes as they absorb inks. Popular as sign writing wipes to clean panels and glass before applying vinyl. Use in workshops as disposable grease and oil wipes.
Printers use the POLYSOFT WIPES and FOAM SWABS to clean print heads. They are soft, lint free and non-abrasive. Work well with absorbing, apply an removing solvents. Tough and solvent resistant.
These wet solvent wipes remove paint from hands and tools. Use in graffiti removal applications. Each portable canister holds 120 wet solvent wipes.
For large spills of oil, fuels and other solvents, try the orange SUPERMAX CLOTHS. The orange SUPERMAX CLOTHS can absorb fluids many times their own weight. Value for money cost effective bulk packaged solution. Each cartons contains 200 large solvent resistant cloths. Disposable option for high usage areas such as automotive workshops. Absorbs both fuel and water based fluids