Valeting Cloths

TIDDOX® supplies a range of valeting cloths. They include soft, lint free and non-abrasive absorbent cloths. We also have wipes suited to tougher heavy duty jobs such as scrubbing and grime removal.

TIDDOX makes and distributes its own range of vehicle valeting cloths. Our product focus ensures high quality, durability & absorbency.
We manufacture valeting cloths for professionals. Used by detailers, car washes and vehicle cleaning businesses. Others users include car hire and dealerships, garages and workshops. The appropriate valeting cloth varies according to the application. Our products cover:-
  • Vehicle washing and drying
  • Exterior cleaning and polishing
  • Interior polishing and buffing
  • Engines and hubcaps
Use our cloths with dewaxers, degreasers and detergents.


We recommend the SUPERMAX for exterior washing of vehicles. They have a high absorption capacity and cover a large surface area. They have a sponge like action, and can hold vast amount of water. Great for drying and washing outside of a car. It will not scratch the paint, but absorb and dry the surface wash foam. Squeeze, rinse and reuse.
Cut from the same cloth, the MAXI WIPES present as a smaller hand sized chamois. Very absorbent, soft and non-abrasive. Suited to washing down vehicle surfaces.


For glass and windscreen polishing we recommend the LINTNIL WIPES. Soft, smudge free wipes used by professional glass cleaners. Non-abrasive valeting cloth used on mirrors and windows. Works well with chemicals and solvent resistant.
For polishing panels, hoods and bumpers, use the low lint INDUSTRO WIPES. This large surface area cellulose wipe will absorb and dry metal surfaces. Disposable after a few uses. Compatible with liquids, detergents, solvents and lubricants.
Once polished we recommend applying treatments for added protection.


For interior cleaning, we recommend more delicate valeting cloths.
You won’t go far wrong with the OMNIWIPES. Super soft, white absorbent cloths for working with chemicals. Tasks include wiping down upholstery and interior finishes.
For interior polishing, including mirrors, use the MICROMAX. A smooth, absorbent microfibre cloth suited to car cleaners & polishes.
The microfibre LENS CLOTHS, suit more difficult to reach cleaning. Available in 15 cm x 15 cm size or the larger 40 cm x 40 cm size.


For wheels, we recommend a more durable, heavy duty wipe. One that will not disintegrate with acids, alkalines, degreasers and cleaners. Choose from one of the following 3 tough valeting wipes:-
For tough resistant grease and grime removal try our INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES.


For general purpose workshop wiping, try the 1000-sheet INDUSTRIAL PAPER ROLL. Three thick plies of absorbent mixed cellulose tissue. High wet strength and tear resistant. Cost effective wiping solution.  For a smaller paper towel roll, consider the “RAG ON A ROLL”.
If you want something even tougher, consider the 600-sheet CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. Made of absorbent viscose spunlace, which offers great strength and absorbency.


Most valeting workshops still use recycled bags. We offer both MIXED COLOUR T-SHIRTS and WHITE COTTON RAGS. Available in 10 kg, 5 kg and 1.5 kg bags.