Wet Wipes

TIDDOX® has a wide range of wet wipes for use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, offices, gyms, schools, restaurants and industry. Disposable, surface disinfecting wipes available in canisters and packs.

Do non-alcohol wet wipes work?

Yes, non-alcohol wipes contain ammonium chloride which kills 99.9% germs

Do alcohol wet wipes stain surfaces?

Yes, alcohol wet wipes can stain surfaces. Hence to avoid any surface stains use non-alcohol wipes which contain ammonium chloride as these will also kill 99.9% germs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are hospital-grade wet wipes?

Hospital wet wipes have active ingredients to kills germs, including e.coli, salmonella and staphylococcus

Do wet wipes expire?

Yes, typically wet wipes have an expiry date of 2 years from date of manufacture


Wet wipes are widely used in healthcare centers and hospitals. Also, they get used into disinfect surfaces in gyms, offices, restaurants and kitchens, to name but a few places.

Did you know not all wipes contain alcohol? Sure, we know that alcohol can kill germs quickly. But, this is just one type of wipe. There are many alcohol free wet wipes that are just as good! In fact, we recommend the alcohol free wipes for the reasons outlined below.


Alcohol free wipes have the advantage of not being flammable. As such, they are easier to transport and store as are not classed as Dangerous Goods.

Also, wipes that contain alcohol can stain surfaces with repeated use. For example, damage to furniture or stains on metal surfaces can occur.

And, the alcohol can irritate skin and eyes.

Another disadvantage is alcohol escapes quickly from surfaces. So, unless the wipes have high levels of alcohol, they loose their effectiveness.

As stated, we recommend alcohol-free wipes instead. In fact, our preference is chloride based disinfectant wipes. This element kills germs just as successfully and quickly. And it is a safe to use on skin. Hence, an ideal wet wipe for disinfecting surfaces and cleaning hands and faces.


So, which are the best ones for you?

Let’s have a look at some excellent alcohol-free wipes to disinfect your surfaces:-


ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES are the most cost effective wet wipes we have! They are alcohol free, instead using a Benzalkonium Chloride ingredient.

Each pack has 250 antibacterial wipes wrapped on a roll. And, you get six packs in every carton. These wipes give a cleaner and more hygienic surface.

And they are multipurpose too! You can use them in restaurants, offices, gyms, hospitals, childcare centers, schools, etc. Grab a few packs of these disinfectant wipes. Keep them in your kitchen, or near your desk, so that you can use them to clean yourself. Or surfaces around you.

And they are hygienic and disposable. Throw away germs as you get rid of the used wipe.

Always keep in mind that germs are deadly. They can kill you, and they spread easily from one area to another. So, using wet wipes offers a useful solution to these risks.

Available in stand alone packs or use the wall dispensers.


These ANTIBACTERIAL DISINFECTANT WIPES come in handy canisters that are portable. Each canister has 280 pull out sheets.  And, there are four tubs in every carton.

These alcohol-free wipes wipes contain Ammonium Chloride that kills 99.99% germs. These are hospital grade disinfectant wipes.

Ideal for use in offices, gyms, restaurants, or schools.

And, you can safely use them on any surfaces as they are not acidic and will not stain.


These SURFACE DISINFECTANT WIPES kill 99.9% of germs. These hospital grade wet wipes get used in healthcare. For example, hospitals, aged care, and schools. Also, used to clean gym equipment. And offices like these small portable canisters as they are so convenient. Pull out a few and clean the keyboards, desk and monitors. Similarly, kitchens and restaurants, used them to wipe down tables and surfaces.

Instead of alcohol, these wipes have Ammonium Chloride, which is just as effective. And, you can use them safely on any surfaces.

Each canister has 75 wipes, with 12 cans per carton.


The use of BABY WIPES is popular when cleaning skin surfaces. Not only do they not irritate the skin, they clean it too! With gentle ingredients that include Aloe Vera, Lanolin, Witch Hazel and Vitamin E.

As such, mainly used in aged care, child care, and other healthcare facilities. These wipes won’t cause harm to the skin. And with no strong smells, will not affect allergies. As such, as an ideal wipe for cleaning faces and hands.

These alcohol free wipes use Benzalkonium Chloride to kill germs on surfaces.

Each sealed pack has 80 multipurpose wipes. And each carton holds 20 packs.


PERSONAL WIPES are soft, gentle cleaning wipes for sensitive skin. In fact, these wipes are perfect for cleaning hands and faces. As such, they are popular in schools, child and healthcare centers. And, restaurants and kitchens use them too!

These wipes have no alcohol or fragrances in them. Instead, the Benzalkonium Chloride kills the germs. And, this is mixed in purified water with Aloe Vera, Lanolin and Vitamin E.

They work well and won’t break the budget!

Every pack has 80 general purpose wipes. Also, there are 20 packs in a carton.


REFRESHER WIPES are similar to personal hygiene wipes. You can use these for cleaning hands and faces. With 100 wipes packed in every sachet, they make convenient travel companions! Perfect for freshening up during travel, or cleaning faces and hands at restaurants.

Also, nursing homes and child care centres love them and their ready convenience. Also, handy in offices and gyms!

They do not have alcohol, but the Benzalkonium Chloride does a great job killing germs. Also, they have skin moisturising elements like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Lanolin, and Witch Hazel.

Each pack has 100 wipes, and each carton has 10 packs.


HOSPITAL GRADE DISINFECTANT WIPES contain essential elements that can kill the germs. They get used by dentists and medical staff to clean surfaces. Very powerful wipes that kill germs quickly. Ideal for infection control.

Also used in schools, aged care, and child care centres. And, offices, restaurants, and gyms love them because they are so powerful.

So, look no further if you want a quality general purpose cleaner. More expensive as locally made, but very good at killing most surface germs.

And, these wipes will not damage surfaces. Your metal, plastic, vinyl or furniture surfaces will not be stained as they have no alcohol in them. Instead Benzalkonium Chloride takes care of the germs.

Each canister has 220 disinfectant wipes. Also, each carton has 12 canisters. And, refill packs available too!


INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES are for tough scrubbing and cleaning jobs. Used by automotive workshops and industrial businesses. These wipes assist in removing paint and varnish off surfaces. Also good with wiping off sealants, grease, and grime. And, you can use them to clean your hands and tools.

They do not contain alcohol but are very effective. Also, they have a skin moisturising element.

Each canister holds 80 wipes, with 12 canisters per carton.