TIDDOX® supplies wipes in packs and “Wipes-On-A-Roll”. These include rolls used in kitchens, restaurants, aged care and child care facilities. We also have industrial grade jumbo rolls used in the manufacturing and automotive. Presented below are TIDDOX’s commercial and industrial roll products.


Wipes-On-A-Roll offer cost savings through bulk packaging of cloths on a roll. Bulk packaging reduces the cost per wipe. Our rolls of wipes offer commercial grade thickness and absorbency. Used in commercial businesses, healthcare and industrial factories.


Commercial grade means thicker and more absorbent wipes than domestic grade wipes. A more durable fabric made for heavy-duty wiping challenges. No surprise it then gets used mostly in hospitality businesses. Similar challenging tasks exist daily in the healthcare industry. Aged care and child care in particular choose these heavier duty rolls.

The packaging of wipes on a roll makes this a convenient, portable product. Handy for general purpose cleaning jobs. Convenient for cleaning patients, or packing a roll in an ambulance. The rolls come in 3 colours, namely Green, Red and Blue. These colours allow for the implementation of a colour coding system. The roll’s colours identifies its tasks and area of use.

The most popular roll product remains the PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY CLEANING ROLLS! These rolls have higher absorbency due to higher weight and viscose content. They absorb, dry and grip fluids well. Each roll has 90 thick, soft absorbent perforated cloths. They get treated with an antibacterial agent to slow germ growth. This delays the foul smell that an old bacterium riddled cloth emits. Great quality, durable wipes for hospitality and healthcare workplaces. We also have wall mounted dispenser brackets for the rolls, if needed.
Restaurant kitchens used our green cloths. For them, the CLASSIC GREEN CLEANING ROLLS present the most cost effective solution. Boasting the same high levels of viscose absorbing substance, but a lighter weight. This 56 metre roll has 125 perforated pieces per roll. Used by kitchens and contract cleaners as a good cost effective wipe. Aged care, with their tight budgets, prefer these for clean-and-go situations. A great example of cost savings without compromising quality. Strong enough for reuse, but inexpensive enough to dispose of after one use.
For larger jumbo rolls, consider the 600 sheet CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. Used in food businesses as a general purpose wiping towel. Used in manufacturing, industrial, and automotive workshops. We offer either a floor dispenser or wall dispensers with the jumbo rolls.


For challenging jobs we recommend the industrial “Wipes-On-A-Roll”. Suited to heavy-duty wiping of grease, oils, fuels and other solvents. Great for lint-sensitive surface preparation tasks.
RAG-ON-A-ROLL remains one of our oldest and more popular products. Made up of 200 perforated sheets of absorbent, strong paper towels. These convenient workbench rolls fit into enamel wall dispensers. Used by automotive and manufacturing companies. Ideal for general purpose day to day wiping. They offer mechanics a cost effective disposable paper towel. Perfect for cleaning hands and tools of grease and oil. The nylon webbing give them greater tear strength than ordinary paper towels. The multiple layers of tissue give them added absorbency. 
The WHITE RHINO ROLLS offer another option to consider. Made from a cellulose polypropylene blend for absorbency and strength. Suited to tasks requiring a colourless low lint industrial wipe. A wipe that absorbs fluids, oils, ink, grease, chemicals and solvents. This roll operates from a centrefeed wall dispenser or set on a workbench. Tough enough to stay together when you scrub with them, too!
Automotive workshops choose the most cost effective wipes on a roll. They choose the 350 metre PAPER JUMBO ROLLS. 1000 tear off pieces of thick, glued and embossed, absorbent tissue. Ideal for busy workshops that want disposable thick towels. Offers volume, quality, and affordability in one product. This product works well with the jumbo roll floor stand or wall dispenser.
RHINO JUMBO ROLLS lead the way when it comes to the thickest and heaviest wipes. An excellent low lint wipe made from cellulose polypropylene fibers. Super absorbent of solvents. Great when used as for surface preparation. This strong, absorbent wipe deals with the most challenging of tasks.