TIDDOX® supplies a number of different types of “Wipes-On-A-Roll”, from the regular hand held cleaning rolls used in kitchens, restaurants, bars, aged care and child care facilities, through to the much larger industrial grade jumbo rolls used in the manufacturing, engineering and automotive industries. Presented below are TIDDOX’s commercial and industrial roll products.


Wipes-On-A-Roll are TIDDOX’s most cost-effective wipers available. The bulk packaging of perforated wipes on a single cleaning roll dramatically reduces the cost per wipe, more so on the giant jumbo rolls. TIDDOX’s “Wipes-On-A-Roll” are suitable for both commercial use and industrial use, being thicker and more absorbent than those produced for the domestic market.

Commercial Wipes-On-A-Roll

The commercial range of “Wipes-On-A-Roll” are very thick and absorbent, with perforations that make it easy to tear them off of the cleaning rolls. They are better suited to heavy duty wiping challenges faced by businesses in the hospitality industry (clubs, pubs, restaurants, bars etc.) and the healthcare industry (aged care and child care). Some of these cleaning rolls are portable so can be carried around the workplace, whilst other can be dispensed from wall or floor dispensers. Being portable makes them popular with the healthcare industry, when workers may want to clean a patient or work space, or pack onto an ambulance or other emergency vehicle. Many are also specifically colour coded which is another characteristic sought after in hospitality and healthcare, and also disposable.

The most popular wipes on a roll used in hospitality, aged care, child care and healthcare organisations are the colour coded PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY CLEANING ROLLS, 45 metre cleaning rolls that have 90 perforated pieces per roll, treated with an antibacterial agent that inhibits and slows the growth of bacteria / smell, and are made from extra thick absorbent material for superior absorption. Boosting the same high levels of viscose absorbing substance, but manufactured from a lighter weight fabric, is the economical CLASSIC MEDIUM DUTY CLEANING ROLLS, 56 metre rolls that have 125 perforated pieces per roll. Particularly popular in commercial kitchens and with commercial contract cleaners, these cleaning rolls offer a cost effective option.

Industrial Wipes-On-A-Roll

The industrial “Wipes-On-A-Roll” are thicker and more durable, hence better suited to heavy duty wiping challenges faced by businesses in the automotive, manufacturing and engineering industries, where grease, oils, fuels and other solvents require wiping up or absorbing. Mechanics can carry the roll to the work site, and the wipes on a roll are affordable enough to have one on each workbench. For portable usage in workshops, or to be dispensed from wall dispensers, the “RAGS-ON-A-ROLL” are popular tear off disposable paper towels, reinforced with a strong scrim webbing. Similar, but in white are the WHITE RHINO ROLLS which are also made from the wood pulp, but reinforced with polypropylene for added strength. These medium duty wipes-on-a-roll are suited to tasks requiring a colourless low lint industrial wiper.

For larger jumbo rolls, which are typically dispensed from a floor stand consider the 300 metre CLASSIC JUMBO ROLLS, or the 360 metre PAPER JUMBO ROLLS. If you are looking for something more durable the blue heavy duty RHINO JUMBO ROLLS are an excellent low lint industrial wiper made from tough polypropylene material, and super absorbent of solvents or as a surface preparation material. .

Medium Duty Wipes-On-A-Roll

TIDDOX has several products that are great for use in multiple industries. Cleaning rolls are often kept in each workspace to encourage a cleaner work environment. A medium duty wiper that is durable and absorbent is our CLASSIC CLEANING ROLLS. These wipers are great for clean-and-go situations, but the products are strong enough to be reused, but inexpensive enough to dispose of after one use. They are most often used in janitorial, commercial kitchens and healthcare organisations, where budgets are tight but quality is important. These cleaning rolls are green.

Another superb medium-duty wiper is TIDDOX’s WHITE RHINO ROLLS. This is a center-feed roll that can be used with our wall mounted center-feed dispensers or simply set on a workbench. These general-purpose wipers absorb fluids and semi-fluids such as oil, ink, grease, urine, chemicals, and solvents. They are tough enough to stay together when you scrub with them, too!

Heavy Duty Wipes-On-A-Roll

RAG-ON-A-ROLL (R.O.A.R) is one of our oldest and more popular products. These are the original industrial wipes-on-a-roll. These perforated towels are easy to remove from the roll because they are perforated. The highly viscose material in these wipers makes the absorbent, yet they are strong enough to use for scrubbing. You can place one of these rolls on each workbench or use our Rag On A Roll Wall Dispenser. We also have a Roll of Wipes Wall Mounted Dispenser Bracket.

We provide products for businesses that need to color-code their cleaning cloths. For heavy-duty wipers, we have Premium Blue Wipes-on-a-Roll, Premium Yellow Wipes-on-a-Roll, Premium Red Wipes-on-a-Roll, and Premium Green Wipes-on-a-Roll. Each of the products is made with the same superior, absorbent material that grips fluids and semi-fluids equally well. These multipurpose wipers can be kept on hand and the rolls are small enough to be portable. This makes them valued with emergency responders, healthcare workers, aged-care providers, and hospitality workers. They can fit into the Roll of Wipes Wall Mounted Dispenser Bracket.
Some of our customers need absorbent cloths that will allow water to run off while capturing oil and other such fluids. Our Oil Only Absorption Rolls are designed particularly for that purpose. Place them under vehicles, and they will allow water to run into the drain while catching and retaining oils from the engine. The cloth can then be disposed of properly.

We also offer General Purpose Absorbent Rolls. These are grey, and will absorb any kind of liquid or semi-liquid. If you have machinery constantly running in your print shop or manufacturing floor, these are great products to absorb the slow leak until maintenance can be performed. They are also crucial to keeping a clean workspace in areas where fluids are carried back and forth, such as food service areas. This and the Oil Only Absorption Rolls will fit on the Jumbo Roll Mobile Dispenser, which has wheels to make it easy to move to various spots. They will also fit the Jumbo Roll Floor Stand. You will also be interested in our Sorbent Wall-Mounted Roll Holder which dispenses the cloths much as a paper towel dispenser will. If you want the product in a more centrally located position, use our Sorbent Roll Mobile Floor Stand.
Wipes-on-a-Roll make life much easier in the workplace. Your employees can keep patients more comfortable in healthcare settings. Mechanics can clean their tools, work surfaces, and more, often forgoing the ubiquitous “red rag.” Printers have tough and absorbent cloths for cleaning up ink and gel without contaminating print surfaces. The hospitality industry needs affordable, strong, and absorbent cloths for food service and janitorial. Turn to TIDDOX for more help in selecting the right cleaning wipers for your business.

Jumbo Rolls

The jumbo Rolls at TIDDOX are very popular products, and we have gone the second mile to make them easy to use. For example, our Classic 300M Jumbo Roll is a perforated roll of wipers designed for high usage environments. Manufacturing, industrial, and automotive shops keep this general purpose wiper handy because it is highly viscose and made with strong polyester fibers. You can put it between bays or in the middle of the work floor with our Jumbo Roll Floor Dispenser.
The Jumbo Rhino Roll is another classic from TIDDOX. It is polypropylene mixed with wood fibers to create a strong, absorbent towel that is highly absorbent and tough. You don’t have to worry about drips and spills when you clean up a mess with this cleaning cloth. If your workers go through a lot of cleaning cloths, the Jumbo Rhino Roll may be the perfect choice.

Our Jumbo Paper Towel Roll has 1000 sheets per roll and is a workhorse in any situation. A simple paper towel is not nearly as strong as this product, so you get volume, quality, and affordability in one product. This product works well with the Jumbo Roll Floor Stand and the Jumbo Roll Mobile Dispenser.