Workshop Rags

TIDDOX’s cleaning rags include general workshop rags made up of recycled t-shirts, cotton material and flannel, as well heavy duty industrial workshop wipers, towels and tissue rolls as alternatives to “bags of rags”, for those businesses looking for a more specific wiping products, all of which are illustrated below:-


TIDDOX provides all sorts of cleaning rags from workshop rags to specialised industrial workshop wipers available in pop-up boxes, rolls, and packs, fulfilling your need for a variety of delivery systems in the workplace. When you’re looking for workshop wipers, you need something that is relatively cheap and disposable, but you also need strength and absorbency. The last thing you want is a cleaning rag that comes apart as soon as it gets wet. And if it gets a snag, you don’t want your workshop wipers to come apart and make a bigger mess. Contact TIDDOX to find out which of these excellent, affordable products are the best for your needs.

Rags In A Bag

The ubiquitous “red rag” has gotten a makeover with TIDDOX’s bag of rags. Our COLOURED RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAG is a bag of recycled T-shirts. Don’t worry, we don’t send you collars and hems. These materials have been sorted, cut, metal detected and recycled to make the best workshop wipers as they are highly absorbent and affordable. Marine businesses, automotive garages and mechanics, industrial and engineering factories are high users of these super absorbent, reusable or disposable cleaning rags.

We also have our WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAG that serves the same purpose. These used white T-Shirt materials have been washed and recycled and are an excellent, highly absorbent workshop rag favoured by painters and printers who deal with colours all day and need a way to see the purity of a colour before they apply it. These products are also used by valeting and detailing companies for polishing and cleaning as they are soft, flexible and absorbent, and will not scratch or damage surfaces as they are all metal detected, so safe for use. Make the environmentally friendly choice and opt for recycled cleaning rags! They are cost effective, long lasting and can be laundered until they are worn-out, and then replaced affordably.

Available in either 1.5kg, 5kg or 10kg bags.

Other options include mixed and white COTTON RAGS recycled from thick cotton sheets so not easily ruffled. They have a soft, silky smooth surface. Cut to hand size pieces and compress packed in bags.

Other workshop rags available are:-

  • White Cotton Dropsheets (painters dropsheets), which are cut from non slippery washed and recycled double or single bed sheets
  • Silky Dropsheets (painters drop sheets or car detailing covering sheet), which are bright, colourful single or double bed sheets.
  • Tea Towels, which non-abrasive cleaning rags used for drying washed crockery and glasses. Because these products are low linting, they are popular in bars and restaurants
  • White Face Towels, which are a multipurpose, thick, absorbent and sanitised cleaning rags cut from recycled white face towels.
  • Light Net Rag, which are pieces of hand sized netted yarn. These light weight, compact workshop rags are high quality, durable and reusable.
  • Absorbent Oil Rags are thick absorbent cloths specially good for soaking up grease and oil.
  • Laundry Bags, which are ultra strong, large bags with string lock tops that can hold loads of washing or storage of goods.

Rags On A Roll

TIDDOX created Rag-On-A-Roll to provide the convenience of a roll of paper towels with the toughness and affordability of a TIDDOX product. Our RAGS ON A ROLL (“R.O.A.R”) product is available in either blue or white. These are perforated rolls of industrial strength paper towels. Place a roll on each workbench, and you will have a cleaner workshop and happier employees. ROAR are made with nylon webbing sandwiched between absorbent tissues. They absorb a wide range of viscosities, from grease and oil to urine and cleaning solvents. You can even get a wall dispenser for your ROAR product.

If you like ROAR, you’ll love our multipurpose CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. This is a 300 metre roll of 600 perforated workshop wipers popular in grarages and factory floors for disposable wiping tasks. Its economical and each tear-off wiper is of a decent size (50cm x 30cm), hard wearing and very absorbent. An alternative to this spunlace viscose polyester material, is cellulose woodpulp (i.e. paper towels), and example of which is TIDDOX’s JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL. This is a great product for high traffic areas with a lot of use. There are 1000 paper towels on each roll, and you get 2 rolls in each carton. Each towel is 3-ply, with extra thickness and absorbency. These tough, disposable paper towels are popular workshop rags because they can stand up to scrubbing and chemicals, yet they are disposable. They are available in blue or grey, and both the above jumbo rolls can be used in combination with the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER. This keeps them in a centrally located place where everybody in the workshop has access to them.

For ultra-heavy-duty work, try our HEAVY DUTY JUMBO RHINO ROLL. There are 475 towels on each roll, perforated to make it easier to tear them off without any waste. These tough workshop rags are made of polypropylene material that has been combined with wood pulp. They are great for preparing surfaces such as automotive parts and industrial machinery, and soak up spills and puddles with ease. When you need a low-lint yet affordable product, these industrial strength workshop wipers are the answer!

TIDDOX also has a MEDIUM DUTY RHINO ROLL, which is suitable to lighter, low lint surface preparation tasks. These workshop wipers are white in colour, and there are 220 perforated pieces on a roll, 4 rolls to a carton. Used in all industries from engineering to sign writing, even dental surgeries use them for wiping down chairs between patients and drying instruments.

Rhino Wipes

One of our most popular products for workshops is the RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOX. These tough cleaning rags are super thick, with a high absorbency rating. They are some of our best multi-purpose workshop rags, capable of absorbing and retaining a wide variety of fluids and semi-fluids, from oil and grease to blood and urine. The polypropylene fibers make it strong and absorbent. These RHINO WIPES are white so that you can see the colour of fluids you are cleaning – important in automotives and painting. The pop-up box can be placed on each workbench, and can be used to clean off equipment, work surfaces, hands and tools.

Low Lint Workshop Wipers

Your workshop may need our LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. These come in cartons of 300 cleaning rags. While the Rhino Wipes are great for shining and cleaning, your LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES will do that plus offer high-polishing function. These are quite useful for auto detailing, painting, and any other use in which lots of chemicals or solvents are present. These workshop wipers leave no streaks behind, and are made with woodpulp and polyester fibers that keep it together when it gets wet. These workshop rags will retain their integrity even when they are saturated with solvents, paint, cleaning solutions, or other chemicals.

TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are fantastic workshop wipers that come in packs of 50 pieces (6 packs to a carton). These low-lint workshop wipers have the added feature of double texture, meaning that they are smooth on one side, for polishing, and the other side is textured for scrubbing. These sturdy products are popular in a number of industries, including healthcare, medical, automotives, painters, and hospitality. In addition to been strong and durable, the high wood pulp content of the fibers gives these cleaning cloths a high absorbency rating.

Hopefully the above descriptions illuminate the range and type of cleaning rags that TIDDOX has to offer. Not only are our workshop wipers tough and absorbent, they are priced to be affordable recurring consumable. By choosing TIDDOX’s quality products, the benefits will be reflected in greater productivity and effectiveness. We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with your workshop rags, so please contact us and let us know what your specific needs are. TIDDOX workshop wipers are tough, absorbent, and affordable, and we want you to benefit from them.