Workshop Rags

TIDDOX’s general workshop rags include recycled t-shirts, cotton material, towels rags, sheeting and flannel. We also offer rag alternatives in the form of heavy duty industrial workshop wipes. Presented below is an overview of our product range:-


TIDDOX provides all sorts of cleaning rags. For example we have everything from workshop rags to specialist industrial workshop wipes. So, when you’re looking for workshop rags, we have what you’re looking for! In fact we pride ourselves in providing cost effective, disposable wiping solutions that offer strength and absorbency. Because the last thing you want is a cleaning rag that comes apart as soon as it gets wet. And, if it gets a snag, you don’t want your workshop wipes to come apart and make a bigger mess. As a result, businesses go to TIDDOX for its quality, affordable products.

Rags In A Bag

Finally, the ubiquitous “red rag” has gotten a makeover with our COLOURED RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAG. Don’t worry, we don’t send you collars and hems. In fact you can rest assured that you’ll get absorbent rags, carefully selected and metal detected. As a result, our workshop rags serve automotive garages, mechanics, industrial and engineering factories. And that’s why TIDDOX has a reputation for renowned, super absorbent, reusable, disposable cleaning rags.

Similarly, our WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAG serves the same purpose. The only difference is that they’re white. Hence, they suit painters and printers that want to see the ink, solvents and dirt absorbed. Also, they need a rag that absorbs and highlights paint and ink.

However, automotive businesses prefer our white COTTON RAGS for valeting and detailing. Because they’re soft and low linting, they make great polishing and cleaning cloths. Because they’re recycled from thick cotton sheets, they have a soft, silky smooth texture. And, cut to hand size pieces and compress packed in 5 kg or 10 kg bags. So, if you want soft, flexible and absorbent rags, that won’t scratch surfaces, these are the ones.

Moreover, all our our rags are metal detected, so safe for use.

And, by using recycled clothing as rags, you are making an environmentally friendly choice! 

Rag On A Roll

However, when there is a shortage of rags, or a rag alternative is required, we suggest industrial wipes. For example, our RAG-ON-A-ROLL (“R.O.A.R”) provides the convenience of a roll of paper towels with rag toughness. A cost effective alternative to using recycled tshirt rags. Replace rags with perforated rolls of industrial strength paper towels. A less bulky and more convenient choice where you instead place a roll on each workbench. An ideal disposable paper towel for cleaning hands and equipment. Offering cost savings and a cleaner workshop and happier employees!

Jumbo Roll Rag Alternatives

If you like “ROAR”, you’ll love our multipurpose CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. A 300 metre roll of 600 perforated workshop wipes! Popular in garages and factory floors for disposable wiping tasks. Perfect for high usage workshops looking for quality and cost savings. Of comparable size to a rag (50 cm x 30 cm), each tear-off wipe offers high absorbency and strength.


Also consider the JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL. as another cost effective rag substitute. A great product for high traffic areas with a lot of use. 1000 paper towels on each roll. Each towel comprises 3 layers of embossed, glued thick and absorbent tissue. These tough, disposable paper towels workshop rags stand up to scrubbing and chemicals.


Both the above jumbo roll options are compatible with our JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER. This keeps them in a centrally located place where everybody in the workshop has access to them.

For ultra-heavy-duty work, try our HEAVY DUTY JUMBO RHINO ROLL.

475 towels on each roll, perforated to make it easier to tear them off without any waste. These tough workshop rags contain polypropylene material. These strong fibres then get blended with absorbent wood pulp fibres. Great for preparing surfaces such as automotive parts and industrial machinery. The cellulose component soaks up spills and puddles with ease. For low lint yet affordable rag replacements, try these industrial strength workshop wipes!
TIDDOX also has a MEDIUM DUTY RHINO ROLL. This lighter version of the above suits low lint surface preparation tasks. These white workshop wipes comprise of 220 perforated pieces on a roll, 4 rolls to a carton. Used in engineering to soak up fluids and kerosene. Sign writers use these wipes to prepare the surfaces before applying vinyl. The applications are many, but seem to suit low lint, disposable tasks.

Rhino Wipes

The RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOX represents a popular rag replacements for workshops. Tough, super thick cleaning rags with a high absorbency rating. A multi-purpose workshop rag that absorbs and retains a wide variety of fluids and oils. The polypropylene fibers make it strong and absorbent. Their white colour highlights the colour of fluids you are cleaning. This makes them popular in garages and with painters and printers. Place a pop-up box on each workbench. Pull out the wipes and clean off equipment, work surfaces, hands and tools.

Low Lint Workshop Wipes

For shining and cleaning, try LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. Used in auto detailing, painting, and applications involving chemicals or solvents. These workshop wipes leave no streaks behind. Made a mix of cellulose and polyester fibers that keep it together when it gets wet. These workshop rags retain their integrity even when used with solvents and chemicals. Each carton contains 300 large cleaning rag substitute wipes.


represent a fantastic workshop rag replacement option. These low-lint wipes have a smooth for polishing, and a textured side for scrubbing. Sturdy products used by healthcare, automotive, painters, and hospitality. Their high wood pulp content gives these cleaning cloths a high absorbency rating. Available in packs of 50 pieces (6 packs to a carton).
The above descriptions illustrate the cleaning rag and rag alternatives we offer. Either way, with TIDDOX you get a quality product!